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Merchant 1948

We began putting shoes on Kiwi feet in 1948. Since then we've been the go-to destination for quality footwear thanks to our diverse range, friendly service and knowledgeable teams. Our Merchant 1948 and Overland stores can be found nationwide, pay us a visit.


Who is Merchant 1948

We’ve been doing this for three generations; perfecting footwear craftsmanship, creating genuine connections and inspiring people. The vision that started it all? Our desire to bring high quality, fashionable footwear to New Zealanders.

Our Factories

To create the best footwear, we work closely with craftsmen, suppliers and factories around the globe.

Our Charities

We're proud to be an organisation with heart; we're also an active part of the community.

The Young Hearts Project

Too many of our young people struggle with the challenges of life.