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The Cotswolds:

More than just a place

The Cotswolds didn’t just give us our name. Known for its natural beauty and rural charm, this unique region of England continues to inspire everything we make and do. A place where laidback lifestyles meet stylish yet practical homes, it taught us the importance of creating timeless, understated furniture and accessories you can build a home around. Wherever that may be.

That’s forever furniture. And that’s what you’ll find here at The Cotswold Company.

What we believe in

Effortless yet beautiful designs. Dynamic practicality. Real affordability. Having a place to call home. These are the things we believe in.

Whatever life throws at you, if you’ve got somewhere that feels like home – somewhere loved and lived-in – you’ll have a place of your own. From our oak, painted and pine furniture, surround yourself with timeless furniture designs that’ll stay with you as life unfolds. Pieces that could tell stories of their own. And accessories that just feel right, whatever your style may be, and wherever your home is.

Bedroom Collections

Featured Range Elkstone Oak

The Living Room

The Hallway

The Dinning Room

The Kitchen

The Office