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Samsung Electronics is tireless in its efforts to provide innovative products and pleasures that can increase convenience for users and make consumers ’lives better. In 2016, we saw an increase in sales in Asia along with revenue growth in the premium appliance markets in North America, Europe and Korea. On top of that, Samsung’s market share is rated as the largest in the US, which is a key market for home appliance brands. This year, we introduced innovative products that changed the market patterns of the Family Hub refrigerator, AddWash washing machine and Wind-free air conditioner. They continue to collect positive reactions from our consumers. We have also focused on strengthening and expanding our business with a new installation line and air conditioning systems. In 2017, we will continue to bring real value to consumers by presenting a variety of products and technologies. Our revolutionary consumer-focused products will change routines and stereotypes and lead the market through true innovation and convenience for our valued consumers. We will maintain our market leadership with premium innovative products, such as the Family Hub refrigerator, equipped with advanced voice recognition technology that guarantees improved family communication, then the FlexWash washing machine that can support two simultaneous or separate washes of different garments. and type of fabric, and Wind-free air conditioning for a cool feel without direct drafts. In addition, we continue to invest in a revolution in product and distribution methods for the high growth and high profits of our B2B business.


A busy household always needs help. The QuickDrive ™ washing machine completes the cycle in half the time without affecting performance. But she doesn't just wash clothes. QuickDrive ™ takes care of your delicate laundry, washes sports socks in the middle program and thus saves 20% of energy *, all with minimal noise.

S20FE is a phone for people who want everything in one package. We listened to the wishes of the fans and made an uncompromising phone. This is a phone made to measure for fans of all kinds. Whether you’re a fan of photography, gaming or posting anything that inspires you on social media, we’ve created the ultimate combination of innovation provided by the S20 models. This is a phone that gives you what you want and allows you to do what you love.

Superbly sophisticated design of a real watch
State-of-the-art health monitoring
The best experience in receiving notifications and listening to music


Samsung is committed to complying with local laws and regulations, as well as applying a strict global code of conduct to all employees. The company believes that ethical governance is not only a tool for responding to accelerated changes in the global business domain, but is also a means of building respect with a variety of stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, employees, business partners and local communities. In order to gain the status of one of the companies with the highest degree of ethical behavior in the world, Samsung continues to train its employees and manage supervisory systems, while at the same time applying fair and transparent corporate governance.