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Shopping That Surprises and Delights


Why do millions of people all around the globe shop QVC? Because we offer a highly engaging, highly differentiated shopping experience. We strive to surprise and delight our customers every day, with curated collections of products that are relevant to their lives. We connect with customers via authentic stories, interesting personalities and award-winning customer service. We invite customers to tell their stories and share their feedback. And we do it live, across multiple networks and platforms. It’s how we deliver the joy of discovery through the power of relationships.

We use the power of our platforms to inspire a more sustainable way to retail: intentionally inclusive, entrepreneurially driven, responsibly curated and waste-smart.

Every product has a story, a human connection. A dream fulfilled; a bond made. At Qurate Retail Group, we don’t just sell things. We connect dreamers with discoverers; designers and innovators with shoppers looking for unique experiences that enrich life’s everyday moments. We’ve been creating these experiences for decades—online, in stores and on TV—making connections and forging strong relationships with our communities and team members. But with relationships comes responsibility. For us, that responsibility has always meant making sure that these moments of joy also help build a better world.


Now, we’re raising our game even further. Challenges such as inequality, climate change, and community wellbeing require us to do even more through bold goals, fresh thinking, renewed commitment, and collective action – using the inherent strengths of our relationships, our global platforms, and our passionate team members.

We’re building an intentionally inclusive work culture where differences drive innovation. We’re supporting entrepreneurs of all backgrounds so startups become sustainable sources of income and inspiration and build community resilience. We’re conserving energy by recycling, reusing, and shifting our plastic use so that our oceans can thrive again. And we’re purposefully sourcing products that are made ethically and sustainably.

In other words, we see a new path forward. A new way of retailing that creates moments of joy and a better world. Powered by our purpose and principles. Moving us forward.


“Sleep is the key to my well-being. I put as much thought and planning into my sleep as I did my babies! People ask how I get it all done and have this energy, and the answer is I always get 8 hours of good restorative sleep each night!” —Kerstin Lindquist, Program Host

As part of our Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration, we’re proud to highlight some great AAPI-owned or founded businesses that have become part of our QVC® family. Today, we’re spotlighting Mally Roncal, founder of Mally Beauty.

"Being of the AAPI heritage is such a huge part of who I am and what I stand for, as well as a huge part of the passion behind my products. AAPI culture is deeply rooted in respect and kindness, which are two pillars that represent what being a Mallanista means!" —Mally Roncal