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Where the world's best independent winemakers

make their best wine.

Drink better wine. Pay fair prices. Back the world's best independent winemakers

We give the world's best independent winemakers the backing they need to make the best wines they've ever made... at the fairest prices you'll ever pay.

Our promise to you
  1. Every bottle we sell is lovingly created just for you by talented winemakers.
  2. The quality will always be top-notch and you’ll always pay a fair price.
  3. You can always buy with complete confidence, thanks to our hassle-free refund guarantee.
Together we make great wine

Back in 2008 I set out to make the world a better place for wine drinkers like you. A world where the only wine you ever drank was lovingly created by talented winemakers. Where the quality of every bottle was guaranteed top notch but you didn't pay crazy prices.

And a 100% money back guarantee meant you could always buy with complete confidence. Most importantly, a world where passionate winemakers could make a decent living. Where both you and they stopped being ripped off. Good idea?

Our wine industry is ripping everyone off

For years the big supermarkets have been giving winemakers and drinkers like you a lousy deal. Their buying clout forces winemakers to churn out bland production line plonk for peanuts, which the big boys stick a fancy label on and flog to you as special offer

Winemakers are driven to the wall and frankly you could make better tasting vinegar in your garden shed. In fact the only winner is the supermarkets.

120 winemakers, over 400 wines

We fund talented winemakers and give them the freedom to make wines the way they want to. Like Rebecca Santolin and her husband Adrian. They are the brains behind their Boy Meets Girl range with the Naked Angels making their dream reality. Their wine is dedicated to you!

Better grapes

Because our growers know that their fruit has been sold upfront, they can focus on quality, not quantity of grapes.

Real people

Our winemakers are lovely people with amazing stories to tell - doesn't that sound better than wine made to a recipe in an oil refinery?

More interesting wines

We're not a supermarket shelf, so we don't need big brands or fancy labels to sell our wines. So we can take a bet on quirky and interesting wines you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Better winemaking

Our winemakers also know their wine is sold upfront, so they spend their time in the cellar making the wine delicious, rather than on the road trying to sell it.

Going BIG

Because we have 330,000 Angels, we can take a small winemaker's entire vintage. A life-changing commitment that is rewarded with the best price.

No Middlemen

Because we deliver directly to your door, you don't pay for agents or distributors. So you get the best possible price.