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Featured Stories

"It just blew my mind; it's incredible" -Michael Sovyn, Canada

Raised by a single mom, Michael Sovyn always knew that his parents had met in Germany during World War II, but that his mother lost contact with his father before discovering that she was pregnant with him. The only significant clues to his identity were a photograph she had of him, dated July 8, 1945, with an inscription on the back: “To my dear little Maria,” it reads in French, and is signed simply “Lulu.”....

"Emotionally, it's a whole new world!" - Kim Ok Le, Italy  ,Trine Jensen, Denmark

Kim Ok Le, 43, was abandoned in a Catholic church in Daegu, South Korea as a baby. After a brief period spent at the White Lily Orphanage in Daegu, she was placed for adoption with an Italian family in September 1976.

Kim was always curious about her biological family, and around 20 years ago, she traveled to Korea to look for information about them. She visited the agency that...