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Air Cooling Equipment Hire

At HSS, we have a wide range of air-cooling equipment for hire that can be used in your home, work spaces or industrial settings for a one off event or for a longer term cooling solution.

We have energy-efficient chillers that can be hired for short or long term temporary projects. Highly reliable and modern, you can choose between water chillers, fridge & freezer units, heat pump chillers and more.

This range of equipment comes with support services as well as a 24/7 nationwide call-out service so you make sure your chillers and heat pumps continue to work when you need them to.

Our air-conditioners are a good choice for keeping you cool when your spaces are too warm. Coming in a range of sizes, you'll be able to store our air conditioning units in different areas of your home, in the office, in warehouses and factories and more so you can be cooler in the warmer months.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of cooling fans ranging from carpet dryers to help dry rooms that may have been affected by floods, to warehouse fans, office fans and more. Built to keep you cooler at home or at your place of work, these easily transportable fans will create a cool stream of air whenever you need it.

We also have cost effective evaporative coolers.

These units use water to cool the temperature of the air and circulate it around your home, office or other work spaces that have no ventilation.

Garden Tool & Landscaping Equipment Hire

Whether you need tools for garden clearance, lawn care, hedge trimming or tree cutting, we have what you need available for hire today.

Are you looking to tidy up the garden? Then take a look at our range of garden tools, ideal for any circumstance and available for hire today.

For garden maintenance, we stock a range of common gardening tools and machines such as shredders, chippers, chainsaws, rotavators and lawn care equipment.

If you're taking on a landscaping project then you may find yourself in need of some heavy equipment. We have got a range of heavy-duty landscaping equipment available for hire and we've specialist equipment too, for those tricky landscaping ideas.

Breaking & Drilling Tool Hire

When you need tools for construction and demolition work, our range of breakers and drills will get the job done safely.

Whether it is for breaking roads, pavement slabs, or other demolition work the HSS range of breakers and breaking equipment will provide the versatility you need.

We have a range of both electric breakers and petrol breakers, depending upon your needs and access to power sources.

For hammering power on roads, repair work, and pipe laying, our heavy-duty breaker is perfect and can break up to 6 tonnes of concrete per hour.

For interior renovation work, try our medium-duty breaker which features single impact energy of 11.5J, with a weight of only 7.9kg, and is built for comfort.

We also offer vibration damped breakers, wall tile removers, and needle scalers for smaller scales indoor renovation work.

Sanding & Fixing Tool Hire

Tired, ageing and discoloured floorboards can be transformed into a glorious floor in just a day or two by using one or more of the HSS range of floor sanders and applying a beautiful varnish finish. Before starting your sanding project you made need to perform some fixes, if so then you'll also find what you need here too.

If you are unsure as to where to start with your sanding project, you can talk to one of our online experts today.

Alternatively, you can check out our how-to section in our blog where you'll find a plethora of floor sanding guides.

Diggers & Excavators

We offer a range of Excavators and Mini Diggers for hire to fulfill various size jobs. Micro Excavators are ideal for tight and compact spaces, Mini Excavators are ideal for any small excavating task and the Midi Excavators handle some of the bigger jobs.

No matter what the project you'll find an excavator here suitable. If you require a more bespoke digger to hire then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our One Call department will find a suitable digger for you.

We can hire you the full range of diggers available on the market, whether midi, mini or a small digger or excavation machine, we'll get them to you.

Hiring a digger will not be a chore with us at HSS.

We can deliver these to your excavation site, or location where the digging work is being carried out.

If you prefer we are more than happy to arrange for a collection of one of these machines too. Any further questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch, or if you'd prefer to speak to one of our online experts now.

Hosting a festival or event? We have all the equipment you need to keep your venue safe and guest ready. From toilets and lights to generators and barriers, whether it’s a small event or large-scale festival we’ve got it covered at HSS.