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Harrods began as a tea merchant in East London, first opening its doors in 1834. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s most famous department store, known for its unrivalled range of luxury products. Harrods is also renowned for its unparalleled service, with a reputation for excellence. With us anything is possible.

Harrods Interiors offers straightforward interior design and home styling solutions, ranging from a single room furniture layout to full interior design.The experienced and highly-skilled Harrods Interiors team has the support and resources of 
all the luxury home brands in Harrods, as well as relationships with many international brands and bespoke suppliers. With its multidisciplinary design expertise, the Harrods Interiors team can ensure that each project is delivered to the best possible results and to the high standard that Harrods is renowned for.

The Team

At Harrods Interiors we cater to every taste and style, from traditional to contemporary. Our talented and experienced team works closely with each client to develop their individual aesthetic, to create interiors that not only deliver on function, but also inspire the senses.

My team and I travel the world to discover new trends and to source the highest quality fabrics and products. Welcome to Harrods Interiors, we look forward to working with you.

Harrods Interiors projects begin with a personal consultation, which allows the team to learn about you and your style. By showing examples of our work and taking you on a walk around the shop floor, we will identify inspirational home-styling pieces and can better understand what you are looking to achieve.

Harrods Interiors provides decorative solutions to cater for all your needs, from helping to plan a single room layout, to curating accessories for an entire property. We create Computer-Aided Design room layouts to ensure the space is used to its full potential and to help you envisage the final result.