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Brosa was born out of discontent with the status quo, and a desire to change the furniture industry for the better. We noticed if you wanted premium furniture, you had to pay a premium price. Understandable? Yes. Reasonable? No. Because that price is often inflated with markups to accommodate other costs, like importers and wholesalers.

The Brosa team were shocked by this revelation, and we decided to redesign it. We removed importers, wholesalers and high-end stores from the equation, opting for a completely in-house team that manages the Brosa brand. Powered by technology, Brosa delivers practical design-led furniture without an inflated price tag.

We’ve since grown into a diverse team of more than sixty people, all with different expertise and stories to tell. When a Brosa product arrives on your doorstep, you’re witness to the tender love and care every one of our team has poured into delivering the product. Please join us as we evolve and disrupt the industry together.

Designed to be different

Think of it as your home away from home! Enjoy a warm welcome from our team of friendly stylists with cold-drip coffee or sparkling water, and our chilled out, no-pressure vibe. Browse hundreds of unique products on display in our beautiful brightly-lit space. You can even bring your dog.

ouch, feel and learn about the quality, materials and fabric that we use in our furniture designs. Although we cannot fit our entire range into our Studio+ space, our staff can guide you to the right choice, best suited for your home, and support you in browsing our website for the perfect piece to complete your look.


The world is a window of opportunity and inspiration. To source the best materials and textures, we travelled across the globe - from Europe to India and China to name a few. Throughout our journeys we discovered expert craftsmen who, like us, yearned to create products with detailed dedication


Ordinary is out, extraordinary is in. We start with a basic concept, an idea with potential to grow into a product. We then ask: what will the product look like? How will customers use the product? We consider three factors during conceptualisation: our original vision, the needs of the customers and of course, what our data tells us. Setting the right market price is the icing on the cake.


Our products go beyond looking stylish - it needs to solve problems. Whether woodwork, frame construction or upholstering, we bring you the best by working with the best