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The Black Rock Grill story

The market leader in steak on the stone products

Black Rock Grill was started in 2005 by Debbie & Peter Hatter and daughter Louise. Prior to setting up Black Rock Grill, Peter, Debbie and Louise operated hotels, restaurants and pubs in many worldwide locations where they had the opportunity to formulate their ideas into the present concept.


Black Rock Grill takes the live cooking station a step further, by creating a dining concept that allows people to cook their meal just the way they like it at the table. Market leader in hot stone cooking

The hot rock cooking concept has proven to be extremely versatile, it is widely used throughout the UK and we have exported the concept to operators throughout the world. It is used in pubs, 5-star hotels, cruise liners, steakhouse chains, Japanese and Korean restaurants, Indian restaurants and Mediterranean restaurants and you can even have it in your home!

What is the Black Rock Grill dining experience?

Tabletop dining at the next level. Allowing you to cook your meal live at the table on a super heated volcanic stone. A wide range of produce can be cooked on the stone so you can really create exciting and fresh dishes. We are the market leader in hot stone cooking worldwide and offer professional set-up's for restaurants and an exclusive range of hot stone cooking sets for home use.

Our system is manufactured in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards and is CE compliant. We are able to offer our customers marketing and menu advice, comprehensive staff training, back up and manuals to ensure that the Black Rock Grill dining concept is operated efficiently.

We are particularly keen to ensure that operators of Black Rock Grill have equipment that is fit for purpose and certified to be safe for employees and customers under all working conditions.

Black Rock Grill Limited is a UK registered private company operating from purpose-built premises in Hampshire, UK.

We are able to ship goods worldwide.

For the home

If you are a fan of hot rock cooking then you will love our range of products that you can use at home. From steak stones to pizza stones to baking stones, the way you cook will never be the same again.

Black Rock Grill USA Inc was registered in Delaware USA in 2014 and is our associated company operating out of Miami, Florida to fulfil the growing demand of our great brand.

And that’s our story! If you have any questions about us or about hot rock cooking, you can contact us here.