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There was a time when a 280 000 ft² warehouse full of more than 48,000 music products was still a far-away dream for the oldest of the two Bax brothers.

That dream started to take form when he built his very first disco lamp, at only 10 years old. It was quite a challenge for the young boy, still only in primary school, but the result was a success resulting in a light effect with four blinking lamps in different colours. Could he have chosen to tinker with a hoover for that fateful school project? Sure, but that wasn't what made him happy. Music was his passion, just like it still is today.

Six years later, the Bax brothers—five years apart in age—had thrown themselves into DJing. Anyone who attended a party where the Bax brothers were DJing will tell you that the night never really got started until they had set up their DJ show. They had spent so much time, money and effort acquiring all of the equipment for their shows, that they felt it would be a shame to let it gather dust when they weren't busy DJing. The more the merrier, they figured, and from then on anyone could rent DJ gear, PA speakers and lighting equipment from the Bax brothers. All at an affordable price, too.

The Music Store

Five years later, Bax Music had 80 employees, and the web store was already on many DJs' radars. Adding guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and digital pianos to the menu was the logical next step. This time, the question was whether adding another new music store to the market would reap any rewards. That was the suppliers' question, in any case, and they weren't yet convinced that it would. Bax Music was, however, and they set out to show everyone what their love of music could accomplish. That translated into creating a website that was a true musical paradise for musicians, DJs, and producers. Customers wouldn't have to leave the comfort of their own home to get what they needed, which would make long car rides and heavy lifting a thing of the past. More and more music brands, small and large, were looking for a piece of the internet pie.

After all of that success, Bax Music still wasn't coming up short on ambition. The Bax Music team is only satisfied when all of their customers are 100% satisfied. For a long time, Bax Music turned to outside experts in order to deliver the kind of customer satisfaction they were striving for. Unfortunately, the results were often sub-par. A mobile website and a company film were created by external parties, for instance, but failed to live up to Bax Music's high standards. Those were disappointing investments, but luckily there was a perfect solution: Bax Music would have its own photo and video studio, develop its own software, and build up its own translation department. Bax Music would do things the Bax Music way.


Bax Music has a large online presence, and because we always look at our site with a critical eye, we're constantly improving it to better suit the needs and desires of our customers. As musicians, we know that checking out gear at a physical store is an experience in and of itself, but we also know that not everyone wants to do that for every little thing they need... 

Bax Music Supports Sustainability

At Bax Music, we seek to support anyone who makes music, on the condition that we can deliver our service using the most sustainable methods possible. To achieve it, we continuously invest in a more sustainable Bax Music.

Automatic Packing Machines

Using automatic packing machines, the process is made more efficient and more sustainable than packing orders by hand. Our machines currently pack 80% of the orders that leave Bax Music, and they do it almost entirely autonomously. And in 2023, when we add packing machines that are able to handle extra-large orders, we expect this number to rise to 97%...