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Z&V® retail stores and product line founded by Thierry Gillier, Zadig & Voltaire invents a diverse universe that thrives in the in-between. Not just for him or her, day or night, or work or leisure, the Parisian fashion house redefines modern femininity with wild, free, and rock-fueled wardrobe essentials that embody the strength and sensuality found in the rough and undone.

Through fashion-forward collections that include bold-printed jackets, punchy sweaters, and edgy tees, Zadig & Voltaire combines Gillier’s vision of effortless, autonomous dressing with the energy and intellect of literary and art world icons, from 18th century writer Voltaire to musical muses Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull, and Jane Birkin.


Artistic Director since 2006, Cécilia Bönström is the other half of Zadig & Voltaire. A subscriber of “less is more,” Cécilia lends a distinct style and sensibility that plays in perfect balance to founder Thierry Gillier. With a penchant for storytelling instead of simply following trends, Cécilia’s collections imbue an ageless quality, with each piece feeling fashionable yet never fleeting. Sumptuous, silky cashmeres and soft, washed-out cottons intertwine with subtly androgynous silhouettes, marking Cécilia’s signature.


Nestled in the 16th arrondissement, Zadig & Voltaire is headquartered in the unique Hôtel Particulier Iéna, located in the Right Bank, Paris. With a prime view of the Eiffel Tower and adorned with a lush garden, the office is a striking four-story, Haussmann-style building. Constructed with soaring ceilings, intricate crown molding, and original woodwork, its iconic Parisian style juxtaposes with the office’s contemporary art and furniture, capturing the irreverent mix that is Zadig & Voltaire.