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Our business touches people and places daily. It stretches from those working in factories to produce garments to colleagues retailing them in stores and online. It impacts the environment and communities, from manufacturing processes to final distribution. So we’ve made a commitment. A commitment to positively affect everyone and everything our business touches, so that together, we can build a better tomorrow.

We’ve set ourselves some goals which we hope to achieve by 2025. These will impact five different areas of our business across all brands within our group.

To protect the environment and the people who make our clothes, as well as reduce the number of chemicals we use, we’re committed to sourcing more sustainable fibres for our products. We’ve already made headway in this space with new, more sustainable and recycled fabrics in our 2020 collections. We are radically scaling up sourcing of sustainable alternatives for the main fibre types that make up the majority of our products. The key fibres we use are cotton, synthetics (polyester, acrylic, polyurethane etc.) and man-made cellulosic fibre such as viscose. To find out more about these fibre types and their sustainable alternatives read our Quick Guide to Sustainable Fibres.

TECHNOLOGY makes life better

While employing proprietary technology to create an astoundingly light weight, we use premium down with excellent insulation to also provide item warmth. The full suite of useful features for everyday use includes a durable water-repellent treatment and a compact, pocketable size for portability.

We use 100% carefully selected cashmere, the "Jewel of Fabrics", and make sure that our sweaters are knitted with great care and attention. They boast a luxury texture and warmth, typical for elegant cashmere. Relaxed silhouette and a rich, luxurious finish.

Who needs Netflix when you have drama like this? Channelling the spirit of a 1950s screen icon, this elegant midi dress comes with puff sleeves, a flared skirt and a romantic cutaway back with buttons and tie detail. A dress to truly impress.