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Responsibly Crafted Fashion

Nobody’s Child is a responsible fashion brand on a mission to bring beautiful products to every woman, everywhere without costing the earth. From mindfully made midi dresses to soft jumpers spun from recycled materials, over 90% of our collection is crafted from responsible fabrics (and we’re working on the rest). Taking style notes from nature, floral tea dresses are where we began and this season we’ve re-imagined the forest floor through painterly prints such as blooming brushstrokes, garden trellis patterns and a palette of earthy, organic shades. We’ve also launched our third Nobody’s Child x Happy Place by Fearne Cotton collaboration and its full of the joys of spring. Sunshine is coming…

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Our responsibility mission

Nobody’s Child is a London-based fashion label established in 2015. We make responsible clothing for free-spirited and strong-willed women with materials that have a lower impact on the planet. We believe that people can look and feel their best whilst being kinder to the Earth. Our mission is to revolutionise women’s fashion by making clothes that are made responsibly, while existing at an affordable price point.

Fabric choice accounts for up to 80% of a products social and environmental footprint, so that’s where our focus lies. We are proud to say that over 90% of our 2022 collection was made using responsible fabrics – we’re working hard to get to 100%.

We do this through sourcing new and innovative textiles and collaborating with key partners to find the best solutions for people and the planet. whilst making the best product for our community.

Collaboration is integral to our success. Challenges are often complex, and we partner with select experts and businesses to educate and collaborate with us on complex and nuanced areas to find viable solutions. These partners include suppliers, fabric mills, raw material suppliers, NGOs and specialist consultants

Nobody’s perfect. We certainly don’t claim to be. The fashion industry flourishes from consumption and this, in itself, contradicts the concept of sustainability. Instead, we are forward thinking, focused on innovation and the continued development of our responsible initiatives ensuring we make the right choices at the right time to minimise our social and environmental impact.