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Welcome to MR PORTER

Since launching in February 2011, MR PORTER has established itself as the world’s leading, award-winning online destination for men’s style, with an unparalleled product offering from the best menswear and luxury brands, including categories that range from luxury watches and lifestyle through to own labels Mr P. and Kingsman.

MR PORTER produces unmatched digital and printed content across its shoppable online magazine, The Journal, and its bi-monthly newspaper, The MR PORTER Post. In 2019, MR PORTER founded MR PORTER Health In Mind, a content and fundraising initiative in partnership with Movember, developed to raise awareness around men’s mental and physical health.

MR PORTER offers express worldwide shipping to more than 180 countries, including same-day delivery to New York, London and Milan, while providing a seamless shopping experience across mobile, tablet and desktop, with easy returns and multi-lingual customer care and personal-shopping teams who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

The baseball cap

This Americana sports staple is simply the best thing for when you haven’t the time or the energy to do anything with your hair. It’s also, increasingly, stylish. We got deeply into hats when we weren’t able to visit our favorite hair stylists or barber during any of the many lockdowns and our hair was looking, well, awful. But why should we give up this accessory now that we’re able to keep ourselves fresh again? It’s sporty, it adds a little visual interest to our looks and there are about 4,072,304,945 good options to choose from this season.

The baggy jeans

Sitting around the house in tight jeans has always seemed like a sociopathic move. But when you’re working from home? Something is not right. Lucky for us, roomy jeans are back in style having clawed their way back from the bowels of the 1990s. The most stylish new fits out there – from brands such as A.P.C and The Row – won’t cut off your circulation or show off your calf gains from the gym. These relaxed cuts are also more forgiving and versatile. You can wear them around the house, to the office and even on a date.

Backless footwear

Slippers, slides and sandals are so easy to wear that anything with laces seems like a bridge too far. If shoes require that you sit down somewhere in order to tug them on, then they already have too many barriers to entry. We’re very into backless footwear now and we think we may have laced our last lace. Birkenstocks are the obvious heroes here – you could say they are the OGs of modern clogs – and Yuketen makes some excellent versions as well. But in the past few years, even brands the likes of Bottega Veneta have gotten in on the slip-on game meaning that you are spoiled for comfy choice when it comes to your footwear.

Fun socks

We all have – or should have – socks in the top drawer that make us smile, but don’t necessarily make it out of the house. No more. Jazzy socks, cashmere socks, tie-dyed socks or stripey socks (and on and on and on) used to be relegated to padding around the living room or cuddling up in bed. But now they’re for wearing with your favourite trousers and low-top sneakers. Why? Because joyful clothing deserves its day in the sun, no matter how silly and small it might be.


Yes, we know. Sweatpants. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you can pry these out of our cold hands. The brands and designers have heard us and they are making smart sweats in elegant fabrics and tailored fits. As we said above regarding baggy jeans, why would you willingly subject yourself to uncomfortable trousers when you can be blissfully cosy in a pair of velvet-trimmed trackies from KAPITAL, or cool tie-dyed classics from Champion? Everyone from Brunello Cucinelli to Fear of God makes a pair so everybody can find a tight-trouser alternative of their liking.