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Who is Meshki?

Here’s a story about two regular university students who became fashion e-commerce entrepreneurs. Meshki, like all great things, started as a small idea conceived by two restless Architecture students. Their incessant daydreaming about all things fashion prompted them to start channeling their inspiration out onto everyone’s favourite social media platform, Instagram. Soon, they built a steady following who appreciated their aesthetic, religiously following post after post. Remarkably, these girls have come a long way from humble beginnings scurrying to the post office in between university lunch breaks, blossoming into the internationally recognised e-commerce brand that women from Sydney to Hollywood adore.

Who is the Meshki girl?

The Meshki girl is empowered, confident and fashion savvy. She lives for neutral tones, because she knows that being sexy is 99% attitude, and she can make even the simplest of colours look bold and chic. The Meshki girl knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Everyone can daydream, but the Meshki girl will be hustling to manifest hers.

Why the name Meshki?

‘Meshki is Farsi for black’, the girls alluding to their Persian heritage. ‘Black for us, embodies so much of what our brand is about’ (the darker the chocolate, the richer the taste baby!). Meshki is a series of juxtapositions; mysterious yet bold, sleek yet sexy, subdued yet powerful. Meshki is the colour of a panther gliding through the forest with purposeful, sleek movements. Meshki is the hue of the night sky, mysterious and yet full of possibility. Meshki is the queen of all the colours, so much so that we ascribe merit to new colour trends by comparing them to her. ‘Meshki is sexy, sophisticated, staple and statement, just how we like our clothes’.


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