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An artist, entrepreneur and mother of 3, Melinda embodies the beauty, confidence, and fun of the brand.

Her mission is to make you happy and empower you to be fearless everyday as you go after what you love.

Her designs are inspired by Melinda’s incredible passion for fashion and the women she meets everyday in her amazing community of boss babes, chic moms, and high-fashionistas.

"Ever since I was a little girl, jewelry has always made me happy. For 17 years, the mission of Melinda Maria has been to design jewelry that makes you happy and feel like thebeautiful, glamourous bada$$"

You will not have more fun shopping than with us! Melinda Maria has built a passionate circle of incredible women from all walks of life connected through their love of fashion and their passion be a part of a positive, stylish, and empowered community.

“I am inspired and humbled by the incredible women who share, grow and learn from each other in this community. I’m so committed to giving back to them andkeeping this party growing!"

“Melinda's jewelry is amazing for the simple reason that it ismade out of a joy for life.She manages to put her loving energy into each piece she creates."

- Julia Roberts