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A revolution. A way of living. A culture shift.
A workout style that has become a mindset and created a global movement.
And it all centres around YOU!

At Lorna Jane our mission is to empower women to live a life that you love through Active Living™ and the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe.

We are driven to design the best Activewear because we want to change the way you live and we know when you wear Lorna Jane it transforms the way you think, but more importantly how you feel about being active.

We want you to know that being healthy doesn't have to be about finding more time, eating less or trying to look like anyone else. And we're here to make you feel good about yourself and where you are right now, whilst helping you to become a fitter, faster and stronger version of yourself!


How does an idea based on nothing to wear to work out, become a global phenomenon with the power to change and impact the world’s attitude to exercise?

It takes a special kind of vision to spot a gap in the market, to follow your instinct, develop a skill and grasp an opportunity with both hands.

Over thirty years ago, when a fitness instructor took a pair of scissors to her favourite swimsuit to discover how it was sewn, Lorna Jane could never have imagined the journey ahead of her. On that day (day #1 of a fashion evolution!), the first ever piece of Lorna Jane Activewear began to take shape.

At the time (1989!), the aerobics lover from Brisbane was designing for herself - and then people in her classes began to ask for custom orders. Due to overwhelming requests, Lorna began taking a small selection of pieces to sell after class. The rest is history…

Discover the evolution of Lorna Jane here

After coining the term Activewear, Lorna has spent three decades learning, evolving, listening and reacting to customer’s needs - and the needs of society as whole. We’ve lead the way in product and normalised Activewear in everyday life (you’re welcome!)