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One Brand, One Team, One Voice, for a controlled growth based on operational excellence, customer satisfaction and talent development.


Our mission is to make LACOSTE a casual premium brand embodying elegance such as Frenchness. This requires a high level of quality and professionalism within areas such creation, style, manufacturing and retail. LACOSTE products and employees make clients live a unique experience regardless of the distribution network, physical or digital, everywhere in the world.


As with our logo & our brand, the following values are central to the community that forms our company. These values are common to all at Lacoste and they affirm our uniqueness.

-Understanding its role and its contribution to the community.

-Since its creation, Lacoste has based its success on the acquisition of talent and expertise.

-Being audacious means having confidence in our future, in the development of our brand and in our community.

-Attention to others is the foundation of our common interests and values.

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