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Groupe Dynamite is a global fashion retailer with two brands at the heart of its success, Garage and Dynamite. We operate more than 400 stores in Canada and worldwide and employ over 5,200 people. We have our roots planted firmly in the terrain of fashion’s retail landscape.

Within our walls, our spirited group creates, designs, markets and distributes a constantly evolving collection to a large network of Dynamite and Garage retail stores. The brand’s core strength is rooted in a solid understanding of its customer.

Acting as a Canadian leader among the international brand landscape, both Garage & Dynamite continue to thrive in an ever-crowded marketplace. Our passionate team continues to lead expansion of the business in new markets, including e-commerce while always leveraging our shared values.



Our open spaces, single level creative complex fosters communication and exchange among teams that nurtures talent and provides passionate minds with opportunities to connect, to create and enhance the brands products, image and distinct character.

Hub style set up and inspirational Brand rooms for our designers and product teams foster a collaborative spirit and shared sense of ambition to create and design future collections including full size mock stores for each brand to develop visual guidelines.

Our distribution centre processes millions of units of clothing and accessories per year which are then quickly and efficiently delivered to its network of retail stores and online customers.

Montreal; a creative and inspiring hub perpetually in motion when it comes to fashion. Every day, experience one of the utmost cutting edge cities. Imagine being part of a city that fuels you with state-of the-art trends! The atmosphere and vibe that radiate from Montreal reflects Groupe Dynamite’s talent, passion and style which walk the streets of this city.

Montreal is the most bilingual metropolis in North America and the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. In 2011, fDi Intelligence named Montreal one of the top 10 American cities of the future. The New York Times hails Montreal with quotes such as “music charged nightlife, chic restaurants and post industrial revival”. It is no surprise that a city as creative and stylish as Montreal has been designated as UNESCO’s City of Design since 2006.


Ownership: We honour our commitments

Honesty: We demonstrate integrity and are trustworthy

Passion: We love what we do

Excellence: We strive for perfection

Teamwork: We contribute to each other’s success

Creativity: If it can be imagined, it can be done


Your contribution and dedication will be rewarded with a competitive salary and bonus. We also offer a competitive retirement savings plan in Canada and a Flexible Group Insurance Program created specifically to cater to your needs with a customized coverage. *For eligible employees.


Through its “Make a Difference” program, Groupe Dynamite and its employees are proud to actively support a variety of local, national and international charitable initiatives such as the CURE Foundation, Starlight, Centraide/United Way, and the Cedars Cancer Foundation, as well as other charities.