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Enter the fashion world and explore amazing items between women's legwear and beachwear. Calzedonia has got you covered with stylish items all over the year! Just browse between woman's tights, leggings, bikini tops and bottoms and you'll be confronted with lots of choices for every season! With our selection of patterned tights, fishnet tights as well as shaping tights you will enjoy great look and silhouette. Stockings are always great alternative to the standard tights, so be bold and choose your perfect pair. 

Leggings are a must have both in casual and glamorous occasions. We're completely sure you'll be satisfied with our collection of shaping tights! They will curve your lines and you will enhance your figure instantly. With Calzedonia's jeggings you can achieve great stylish look, wheather you opt for ones with applique details or various embellishments. Match your desired style with our woman's fashion socks by choosing different colors, designs and details. Don't forget to explore our wide range of bikini tops and bottoms as well as one-piece swimsuits. When it comes to beachwear be sure you don't miss our latest collection of beach dresses, kaftans and skirts. Take advantage of our fashion brand and experience wonderful sense of style with Calzedonia!

Leggings and Jeans

Leggings are now one of the world's most treasured items of women's clothing – an absolute must for every woman's wardrobe. With a close-fitting stretch fabric, they can suit every style, from the most casual and sporty outfit to the most elegant.

Besides being trendy, leggings are also very comfortable and versatile: perfect when combined with short dresses and high heels, but also with baggy t-shirts and sneakers. Calzedonia leggings are available in many versions: with an appliqué patch, pearls, lettering, rips, biker-style or lace inserts, and in various materials including jeans, lightweight fabrics and leatherette. You can choose from various models: from highly feminine and skinny designs, through to the baggier, boyfriend-style. If you want to give your look a vintage touch, choose a pair with a high waist. Besides its wide range of trendy products like jeggings, Calzedonia stands out for its practical garments, including the push-up effect jeans, shaping leggings and total shaper jeans. It’s virtually impossible not to find the perfect leggings for you: whichever you choose, they’ll be the right ones!


Men's socks and swimwear are an ultimate pieces of comfort and fashion from Calzedonia. Look trendy throughout the year and enjoy the feeling of style. Everything you ever wanted from short socks to long ones - we've got you covered! With Calzedonia's short socks for men you have countless options for every day. Choose between stripe pattern, polka dots or argyle pattern for being noticed around. Opt for plain colors when you need to combine them for more classic or business look. Long socks are available from casual to classic, for practically every occasion and type of outfit. For a sporty personality we have various sport socks available. It's easy to combine them to support your physical activity! You also don't have to worry about showing your socks while wearing shoes thanks to various comfortable styles of men's no-show socks.

When it comes to swimwear don't forget to explore our men's swimming shorts and swimming briefs. If you want to refresh your wardrobe with latest socks and swimwear designs, you don't have to look any further. Treat yourself with comfort and style to feel confident in every occasion! There is so many to explore, so hurry up and take an advantage of our all-year offer!


Get your little ones ready to become both cute and stylish with Calzedonia's legwear and swimwear collection. Just explore all products we offer and get lost between cutest items ever. With our wide collection of girl's tights she'll have countless possibilities to look just amazing. Choosing between polka dots, stripes, butterflies and glitter style, she will be thrilled with possibilities to match them. Girl's leggings are perfect choice when you want to bring out her playful personality. Kid's short socks are an essential item for them. Socks can brighten up a day by choosing adorable cartoon characters or colourful patterns and designs. With non-slip socks you can keep them active and happy while wearing them around the house. Calzedonia also has a wide selection of comfortable baby collection: tights, socks and non-slip socks. 

You definitely can't go wrong with these adorable baby items. Just choose between animal pattern, playful dots and stripes to have little legs protected. When it comes to swimwear, don't miss our collection of girl's bikini, boy's swimming shorts and briefs. Colorful patterns, stripes and adorable design is a must have for playful kids. Discover our latest styles and see why Calzedonia webshop is a perfect place for kid's and baby's fashion!