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Memorable Outfits You Wore to Special Occasions

The time when marriages, baptisms, and communions abound, but if you do not know how to dress correctly for special occasions, then do not miss the information that we at infashiontimes.com are going to give youin this article.The first step to looking very elegant and memorable is to be neat, and it must be reflected that you have good taste and always the clothes must be impeccable, that is, they must be well clean and well ironed.However, here are outfits that you can wear to special occasions:For Memorable Occasions in the DayIn these cases, the man will be dressed correctly if he wears a dark-colored suit, since it does not apply to etiquette and can be used in this type of event, the fabric of the suitwill be cotton for summer and wool for winter, and Avoid pure black as it is only used at funerals.

Depending on whether the day event is more or less formal, you can also wear a blazer and pleated pants.It is for us women in daytime events to wear a short dress or a cocktail dress. The cocktail dress reaches more or less to the knees, or a few inches below. Likewise, this type of dress is usually flared and in vaporous fabrics.Try to choose fabrics such as silk, linen and avoid transparency, rhinestones, and exaggerated embroidery, since these details are more suitable for events that take place at night. And remember that the necklines should not be exaggerated, and avoid the side cuts in the dresses.

The shoes can be high-heeled, medium-heeled, or low-heeled, as for accessories, you can carry handbags and simple jewelry that are not very showy and in the case of costume jewelry, it must be very good quality. You can also accompany the dresses with headdresses or hats, but that these combine very well with the suit.Special day events, hairstyles must be discreet and makeup must be natural and fresh.For Special occasions in the eveningIn the case of events that take place at night, the man should wear a tuxedo, morning suit, or tailcoat depending on theoccasion.

The morning suit can be worn during the day until seven at night, in this chaos it would be up to the woman to wear a short dress or a cocktail dress, but if the man wears a tuxedo or tailcoat, the woman should wear a long dress or a ball gown. The difference between a long dress and a ball gown is that the length shows the feet, however with the ball gown you do not show the feet, it is down to the floor.In this case, the dress of more elegant fabrics such as satin will be chosen and can have embroidery, feathers, diamonds, or rhinestones. The shoes to be used in evening events will be high heels, either ballroom or sandals.The bag and accessories will be the best weapon to provide the final touch to a woman's wardrobe, you can include shawls, gloves, scarves, jewelry that will contribute to providing the touch of distinction. The bag must be small and may have rhinestones.As for the hairstyle and makeup, the hairstyles can be more elaborate and the makeup more intense. 150%


05.04.2021, InFashionTimes