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Fashion Rules You Live By

Have you noticed how certain fashion rules seem to have been passed on from mothers to daughters, even though they no longer make so much sense? Since childhood, we have learned certain fashion rules such as sparkle can only be worn at night and black dresses are not worn at weddings. Even though they are still in the minds of most people, rules like these are out of fashion - and we are here to prove it.

Vipestores.com suggests you leave certain side doctrines of fashion and dre ss to feel better. We all do not only need to let go of those believes but ought to live by the slogan “the only rule is that there are no rules.” Whatsoever suits your fashion taste is the best thing to wear. For this reason, our team has made a list of w hat should be an ideal fashion rule to live by, according to experts in the field.

Whatsoever you love never go out of style.

In as much as we dress to please ourselves fashionably, there will be nothing bad in wearing that elegant black gown to our frien d's wedding party. the truth is that trends come and go but if you truly love something you can consolidate such a piece in your fashion no matter what the prevailing fads designate. Incorporate fashion pieces you truly admire in your daily outfit. That wi ll not only make your style reflect your taste and unique personality, but also make you feel amazingly happy in the attire.

Embrace and learn to dress for your body type

Always put first, your body type when choosing an outfit for any occasion. No matter what the trend is, what is good for a lady with an apple body type will definitely not be the best for another, who has an inverted triangle or hourglass body type. Each body type is unique and has dresses most suitable for them. Learning to dress for you r body type is the best fashion rule everyone would be please to live by. Therefore, you must know your body type to avoid making mistakes when shopping.

Buy Clothes in your Size

Never allow your desperation to make you buy a dress that is too big or a siz e too small. This will not only make you lose the fitting but also lose the style that you have intended to achieve. If you are tempted to buy a piece that is too big or too small for you, ask yourself if you are willing to pay to have it tailored (if it i s too big) or have yourself disgraced at the party when the dress tore once you make a dance step.

It is better you choose something that will bring out the fitting on your body than those that might not pass your intended message, yet end up wasting the m oney.

Mix Trends with Timeless Staples.

The older we get the less we like the look of trends for our everyday wear. Sure, ultra - trendy looks are fun for night occasions or special occasions. But when it comes to day - to - day school or work clothes, it is ni ce to balance extreme trends with timeless basics. There is not a perfect outfit but balancing what you wear daily will make you look classy all the time. For instance, you can decide to pair statement shoes with simple white jeans and a camel trench or a trendy dress with classic nude pumps and delicate jewelry.

Pay attention to material quality.

No matter what your taste of fashion is or what is trendy at any moment, the kind of fabric, as well as its quality, would probably be the first thing to come to your mind. There is nothing painful to see a dress you love so much in your wardrobe but you cannot wear it because the colour washed after the first or second wash. Assessing the quality of a piece you are purchasing before spending your money on it is i mportant as it will help you to know the lifespan and the kind of wash suitable for it (machine washable or hand wash).


08.09.2021, InFashionTimes