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Fashion Pieces That are never out of Fashion

Some pieces never go out of style and you must have them in your wardrobe. Fashions go by very quickly and each season offers us new trends to incorporate into our wardrobe. However, some garments are here to stay and have become essential classics. If you still do not have them in your collection, what are you waiting for? In this article is our Vipestores.com list of items that never go out of style and you must have in your wardrobe.

Why Go for Pieces That are never out of Fashion

In each season there are different sources of influence. In general, this is usually a set made up of reinventions of previously used concepts. As the new combinations of colors, textures, and other elements are configured, the result will vary. However, there are garments that never go out of style, that is timeless and live outside the whims of the latest trends. These pieces come to be those basics that can not be missing in anyone's wardrobe. They are very versatile and can be used on any occasion, with a minimal margin of error. Hence, they are essential.

Why? Because they comply with several fundamental standards that allow them to remain in force, despite the passing of the years. For example, they should be discreet items, with simple lines and quality materials that allow recreating the most functional and elegant looks. As for colours, neutral and basic tones are preferred, such as navy blue, browns and beige, red, white, etc. In this sense, it should be noted that black is the colour that can most easily be used in any season or occasion, given its elegance and versatility.

What are the clothes that never go out of style?

Let's see below the repertoire of perfect garments that should constitute the bottom of the wardrobe:

Jeans Jeans are one of the basics that are capable of getting us out of any trouble. For this reason, it is one of the garments that never go out of style and to which both men and women use frequently. Although it started as a work uniform, in the 1950s it became a symbol of a youthful vibe. Decades later, it began to spread to all ages and social classes. Today, jeans are an important part of the total set of garments in any wardrobe. Due to their versatility, we use them both to make random and more sophisticated looks.

Slim, straight, high or low-waisted, utility, boyfriends, mom jeans, and so on to complete a long list. We can find many types of jeans that complicate the task of opting for one or the other, what we do know is that this garment is the must of all seasons.

White shirt or blouse The same goes for white shirts, this is a more useful and necessary garment, both for men and women. You can get many looks depending on the other garments and accessories with which you combine them.

They are very appropriate for the working day, for day outfits or elegant dinners. Without a doubt, a good wild card when you have to choose an outfit and creativity leaves you. Likewise, loose white blouses or any other plain colour are very practical when combining them with any pants or skirt. They should not be missing at the bottom of the closet.

Stilettos The stiletto is said to have its name originated from the Italian word stilo, which means dagger or dagger. It was the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo who incorporated a metal rod inside the heel to function as a pillar and thus be able to support the weight of any woman. Stilettos stand the test of time. They are the favorites of many women, the ones that most stylize the figure and an icon of femininity. Although anyone would like to come home to take off their shoes after a full day with them.

Black blazer Do you have jeans and a white cotton T-shirt? Well, incorporate a black jacket and transform a simple casual look into a sophisticated and very chic one. That is why it is one of the garments that never go out of style. Because as you can see, you do not need to have a closet cluttered with clothes of every possible colour and shape. You only need the correct pieces that allow you to make multiple combinations.

Striped sweater Within the group of garments that never go out of style we also find sweaters; especially the model with sailor stripes. There is no more suitable and warm piece of clothing to protect us from the cold in winter and that, also, gives our outfit a French air.


20.04.2021, InFashionTimes