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Fashion Items from Your Mother - How to Combined Them

Fashion Items from Your Mother - How to Combined Them

Virtually every female wardrobe that is prescribed must have that perfect item from the mother that goes well with everything; perfect for several occasions. So many people pride themselves over these fashion items, if not for the love they have for their mother, but for the love of the looks these items give them. Some of the items might seem old but provide that rare classic look that represents the wishes of every fashion lover.

Thus, today's tip is for a model like this, which was very successful in the past and can also be used now without fear, as it is a true must-have for every woman. If you are over 30 years old, you probably remember that straight jeans with a high waist and looser modeling. Or if you still do not know, it is time to be enchanted here in this post. And not just knowing those fashion items from your mother or having them, but also knowing how to combine them with the latest fashion items. Here are Vipestores.com tips;

Combining Mom Jeans

The "mommy's jeans" got this name thanks to the mothers, especially from the 80s and 90s, who wore this piece and inspired the trend. Just pick up some old photos of your mom or aunt, she will certainly be wearing mom jeans. Some time ago, when we looked at these photographs, the looks looked quite cheesy. However, now they will be as successful as they were then.

Undeniably, the wave of low-wasted pants and tiny zipper stayed behind, back in the 2000s. Meanwhile, little by little the high waistline was arriving and we, the same ones that thought our mothers' pants were tacky, now adhere and love those models. And certainly, most women already have a high waist in the closet. So, having your mother's own is probably a plus to your wardrobe.

Combine Mother Fashion with Fall/Winter Trend

Now that we are in love with the high waist and other old fashions, the mom model arrives to become one of our favourites. The vintage jeans promise to be present in the street style of the next season. These items are among the 90s fashions that are coming back with everything in the fall/winter. For instance, the mom jeans that has a straight cut and are basic, but always give a fashionista air to the looks. This kind of item makes any look cool, and it will make you much more elegant.

Combine mother’s Items for Winter look

The models we can get from fashion items from our mothers are versatile and very democratic, so it will be a sure bet for your looks on the coldest days. In fact, you will find more than many that will go well with any product; from the most basic to the most elegant. Surely, your mother’s boot of the 1990s will still offer classy feelings for a winter look.

Combine mother’s Items for a summer look

And who says you cannot wear fashion items from your mother in summer? No, they make perfect casual wear for the beach and street walk with friends or shopping. Those old models like mom jeans also work very well with tops or cropped, or t-shirts, and several fresh pieces for the summer days.

Combine Mother's Fashion Items for Casual Look

If you love the casual style, fashion items from your mother will always be a great asset to you. These items are loaded with style and even in more casual looks they can make all the difference.

Achieve Stylish Look for work with Mother’s Items

Fashion items from your mother can accompany you in your day-to-day work without a doubt. You can match a white shirt for instance with mom’s light blue pants to make a more formal look for the days at the office.


13.04.2022, InFashionTimes