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7 Tips to Choose the Right Colours for Your Skin-Tone

Everyone has a favorite colour, but is yours the most suitable for your skin tone? Whether in makeup or clothing, colours are what bring our personality to life. Knowing the tones that best match our appearance not only bring harmony to the look as a whole, it also helps you project the image you want to convey to others. Worldwide, stylists are paying more and more attention to the colours that make up looks. The ritual of choosing the colour that best matches the skin tone is also becoming a fever among the famous. Thus, Vipestores.com has made available some of the tips that can help choose the right colour for your skin-tone.

Value the Natural

The "mother of all tips" when it comes to choosing the best color for your skin tone, whether in makeup or clothes and accessories, is always looking for a harmonious personal colour. What does that mean? It is simple. Always try to use shades that enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Wearing clothes with colours that are far from your skin tone can highlight imperfections, for example.

Light Skin and Light Hair

Avoid using very strong and dark tones. Of course, there are possible combinations, but in general, the contrast between very white skin and very dark clothing will highlight the skin's natural imperfections, such as fine lines. For those who have lighter skin and hair, the ideal thing is to use lighter tones, including prints.

Dark Skin and Dark Hair

If your skin and hair are darker, the tip is the opposite of number 2: darker tones are the most suitable for you. But pay attention: when choosing those darker colors, always opt for tones that follow your skin tone, after all, everything is harmony.

Light Skin and Dark Hair

If your skin is lighter and your hair is dark, you can abuse contracts and use both light and dark tones - even on prints. But with more combination options, the greater the challenges. For these people, a sure look is to mix pieces of black and white clothing. In makeup, dark lipsticks.

Brown Skin and Brown Hair

If you have light brown skin and intermediate (brown) hair, choose shades and patterns that match your natural colour. Beige and brown tones are a great choice. On the clothes, very dark colours light up alert. It is better to avoid. In makeup, do not use lighter shades than your skin.

Clear Skin

Whiter or lighter skins will be more favoured by colours such as black, gray, dark blue, beige, white, red, gold and silver. All of the primary colours and with a tonality that complements well with the skin.

Dark Skin

This category of skin colour is the general kind, that of dark skin looks for colours that; like white, which highlight the skin more, since the game of contrasts stands out and looks very good. You can also choose a very colorful blue, as well as yellow, fuchsia, green or black


18.05.2021, InFashionTimes