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10 Must Have Items for a Specific Fashion Look

If you are one of those who still wonder what the hell that wardrobe base that everyone talks about is, we can define it as that set of items that we should all have to overcome any day-to-day situation yet look stylish. After all, nowadays, having money or not is no longer an excuse for not dressing well. Certainly, an accessory, a different color, or a single detail can make all the difference in the composition of a look.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who already knew its meaning but have never known exactly which items you should exactly integrate into your wardrobe for a specific fashion look, Vipestores.com has prepared the definitive 10 must-have items for a specific fashion look. From coats to footwear, through shirts, sweaters, pants, and even essential accessories (it even explains how to choose a tie). All concentrated in a single article to make your life a little easier.

White and Black Skirt

Putting on looks with a white shirt is a safe path that multiplies the possibilities of your closet. The garment can have long or short sleeves, light or full-bodied trim, and can result in more sophisticated or casual productions. In order not to make everything too simple, make sure the accessories are perfect.

Midi skirt, mini, long, pleated, straight, with ruffles, smooth, printed - there are many possibilities for this item so beloved in fashion. If you want to build a cabinet with basic parts, the secret is to choose a neutral version that matches your routine.

To make the productions more interesting, it is worth investing in statement accessories and mixing references of opposite styles, such as girly and sports.


Everyone has one in the closet, whatever your favorite jeans model is. The variations are endless: light or dark washes, skinny or mom models, pieces with tears, applications, high waist, tight bar, flare, and much more.

The secret to styling the jeans and leaving them with your face is to bring fashion information to the look, whether with flashy accessories or color combinations of the moment.

Plain T-shirt

Gone are the days when the T-shirt was stripped too much. With the rise of street style, t-shirts are increasingly used on formal occasions and important events. Everything revolves around the composition of the look, which can bring traditional elements, such as tailoring, to give a different face to the ensemble. When choosing, prefer plain pieces in neutral colors, with natural fabrics and quality finishes. A good T-shirt is like a blank canvas, just exercise your creativity.

Tailoring Pants

The office look would not be the same without good classic tailoring pants. To update the piece, bet on versions with different colors and models, such as wide pants. Combining it with t-shirts, knits and other casual items is also a good alternative.


Blazer is a type of garment that fits well in any occasion, situation, body type, and time of day. There are those with a more formal face, others that match any moment. Therefore, a common thing among all is the beauty and elegance that they give to any look. Combined with a heel, they give a more sophisticated look. Now with a sneaker, a more dynamic and fun look.


One of the most fundamental and essential pieces of our wardrobe is the cardigans. After all, for the end of the day in summer, to stay inside an air-conditioned environment, or for those autumn days that have cooler air, they are perfect. Both the conventional size and the longer ones give a special charm to any type of composition in the visual. And the coolest thing is that they can also fit in any look, from a more casual one, as well as a fine or executive sport.


A good basic boot cannot be missing for the coldest days. What matters when it comes to choosing is your style: do you like it better with or without heels? Black or brown? There is no need to have a criterion, other than taste. There are also models with more details, adornments, and colors, with round, square nozzles, in short, today there are many trends. But the good old boot can't be missing at all.


30.09.2021, InFashionTimes