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10 Essential items for your Spring Wishlist

Because an ethical purchase is a thoughtful purchase and not superfluous, to buy less but better, or because fashion goes out of fashion, but not style. So many other good reasons exist but the conclusion is the same: investing in timeless pieces is the best option, for the planet as for your wardrobe.

In addition to your love for beautiful things, you have an eye for spotting clothes and accessories that stand out and that are out of the ordinary. If you will have no problem taking out of your closet a silver lamé jacket or red leather pants, you are a little poor on the basics. After all, you are shopping for fun, not for a white shirt and black pants. And yet, without the basics, it is impossible to create an outfit that is both modern and timeless. Let's take a look at these 10 essential basics for spring that every woman must absolutely have in her wardrobe. We have selected these fashion icons specially selected for spring. Therefore, to start in ethical mode or to take stock of the clothes you want and need, here is Vipestores.com selection of spring essentials.

The (Faux) Leather Jacket: You can opt for a square shape that will hide the small curves of the stomach and hips. The leather-look jacket never goes out of fashion and can be worn equally well with a skirt, pants, dress, etc. – with it, there is no fault of taste.

The Denim Jacket: To choose slightly fitted, to slim the waist, and to wear open for a casual look perfect for the natural woman, this piece is a nice choice to go for. It is ideal for easy and current associations.

The Parka: Your accomplice to protect yourself with chic allure and modernity from the freshness of spring. Choose the length m-buttock if you are short or petite or a little longer and straight if you are a little taller or want to hide some curves.

Straight Jeans: This particular piece is quite a combination of advantages: they refine the silhouette, slender the leg, erase small round bellies and lend themselves to both chic and casual looks. It goes just as well with pumps as it does with sneakers, a sophisticated blouse, or a comfortable T-shirt.

White Pants: This would be more perfect when you choose them in high waist and in stretch cotton for absolute comfort: a piece that is both chic and sportswear. It lends itself perfectly to the cruising chic trend but also looks great with a long sweater or a pretty ethnic tunic.

A Floral Dress: Put this on and you already feel like spring. The floral dress energizes an outfit. Prefer large flowers if you have pretty curves or smaller if you are smaller.

The Basic Sweater: This is essential to protect yourself from the spring frost. Choose white, gray, or black if you really want it to go everywhere but you can also opt for the colours of the season. V-neck, rounded or even cardigan shape will look great as well.

The Fancy Tunic: This is a fashion piece to update every season in your wardrobe. Wear it with black pants for a very chic look, with jeans or cotton pants for a more casual look or with a straight skirt and a biker jacket for a very trendy rock side.

Moccasins: This piece will provide a comfortable fitting and make a simple, chic and elegant outfit.

Plimsolls or Sneakers: Wear with a shirt dress, a small straight or flared skirt to modernize a basic outfit.

And there you have it, with these few essentials; you are ready for all spring styles and desires!


11.05.2022, InFashionTimes