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All of our frames^ and lenses are manufactured in accordance with exacting international standards and we believe them to be of the highest quality. If within 2 years of purchase, your glasses have any defects relating to material or production faults we will repair or replace them for you, free of charge.


100% satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase at Specsavers Optometrists. If you have any concerns within three months of the date of your purchase we will put it right. No worries, no fuss.


Multifocal satisfaction guarantee

Multifocal glasses give you clear vision at all distances, with no tell-tale lines. But because we understand that some people take a bit of time to get used to them, we’re giving you an additional guarantee. If you can’t get on with them, bring them back within three months of the date of your purchase and you can exchange them for either a pair of bifocals or two pairs of single vision glasses (one for reading and one for distance) and we’ll refund any price difference.


Lifelong service guarantee

At Specsavers Optometrists you can always come in to have your glasses adjusted or professionally cleaned. This service is completely free during the life of your glasses.



Need your prescription so you can order your next pair of glasses or contact lenses online with us? You can contact your local store and they can provide you with the details you need over the phone or email you a copy of your prescription.

Otherwise, send us your details and we’ll send your prescription as soon as we can. Please note, due to the high volume of requests we are receiving, it is taking 5-6 business days for us to respond. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

How to buy glasses and contact lenses online

Did you know you can now buy your glasses and contact lenses online if you have a valid prescription? Buying online is simple, just follow these easy steps to help you along the way:

Adjustments and Repairs

If you receive your new glasses and they aren’t a perfect fit or if you have existing glasses and find that they aren’t quite fitting how they used to or are in need of some repairs, we have a few tips on what you can do at home.

Our full adjustment and dispensing services will be available when stores re-open fully. For any urgent assistance in the meantime, please call your local store