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Sheridan has been creating beautiful Australian living since 1967. Our founder, Italian entrepreneur and textile aficionado Claudio Alcorso, had a vision to introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life. He delivered this vision by launching a revolutionary, design-led textile business in Australia. Alcorso believed in the paramount importance of premium quality, artistry and craftsmanship, and created textiles using the finest materials, which still remain as our core focus today.


1939- Italian entrepreneur Claudio Alcorso landed on Australian shores dressed in a white linen suit. With a pioneering spirit he paved the way for the Australian textile and creative industries.
1946- Forming Silk and Textile Printers in Sydney, Alcorso collaborates with Australian artists William Dobell and Margaret Preston to bring art into the home through textile innovation.
1957- Claudio commissions renowned architect Sir Roy Grounds to build a home by Tasmania’s Derwent River, establishing the winery Moorilla Estate.
1967- The name “Sheridan” is coined over a glass of wine, as Claudio launches his new company, specialising in home furnishings. 1968- Claudio’s passion for the arts continues to thrive, with his Moorilla property becoming a showcase for sculptures collected from across the globe.
1971- Claudio becomes the founding Chairperson of the Australian Opera, helping to bring out the first Opera singers to Australia from Italy..
1982- A passionate environmentalist, Claudio is arrested for protesting against the damming of the Franklin River..
2000- Claudio passes away aged 88, having spent his twilight years with his wife Lesley at their Moorilla Estate property.

At Sheridan, quality is our obsession. Our sheets are some of the highest quality products found anywhere in the world, and our entire range is crafted to the same exacting quality standards, regardless of thread count or price. This means you only need to think about one thing when you buy a Sheridan product - how it feels