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At NEOM, we believe WELLBEING starts with the little moments...

The deeply relaxing bath that prepares you for  BETTER SLEEP. The candle that creates a calm zone  and LESS STRESS in your busy family home. The shower wash that helps you have MORE ENERGY and ready to kick ass at 6am.

The fragrance in your bag, with the power to give you a daily MOOD BOOST. Our fragrances are 100% NATURAL with true wellbeing benefits: to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or lift your mood.


Spend £75 and receive The Energising Trio worth £35. Enter Code: ENERGISEME in cart.

Light a candle, spritz a room or fill the air with the scent from the beautiful Wellbeing Pod or Ultimate Reed Diffuser.

We pioneered home fragrance products with scent to help make you feel good. Our home fragrances are blended with pure, natural, essential oil blends, available in all our wellbeing ranges. Discover the perfect fragrance for your wellbeing needs. Choose from our iconic natural candles or oil diffusers. Perfect for use in any room, these aroma scents will deliver the perfect amount of 100% natural fragrance in minutes.

Our room mists and sprays also harness the power of natural and deliver an immediate boost of beautifully expertly blended home scents.


Spend £75 and receive The Energising Trio worth £35. Enter Code: ENERGISEME in cart.

Multi Mineral Bath Salts, Magnesium Body Butter, Intensive Skin Treatment Candle - our Bath and Body products are incredible, helping you to feel good and boost your wellbeing. Pick one of these or try our range of Bath & Shower Drops, Body Oils, Body Scrubs, Washes and Lotions to leave your skin feeling clean and your mind and body refreshed.

Scented with carefully selected essential oils, these bath, body and shower products harness the power of pure, natural ingredients. Get that spa-like feeling at home with some of our award-winning natural wonders. 

Relax. Nourish. Revitalise.


We believe in the power of natural skincare. Whether your life leaves your skin stressed, unhappy or tired, each and every product is packed with seriously-good natural ingredients and a perfect expert blend of super-star essential oils to feed and treat your skin concern too.

Expertly blended to work for every skin type. Natural. Gentle but effective. Nourish. Hydrate. Restore.

Want to know more about our natural skincare? Find out here

Cleansing face oils, balms, moisturisers, serums and washes - we’ve got your skincare routine sorted. 

100% natural beauty. Natural skincare.


Clean Up Your Haircare

With our natural and silicone-free Super Shower Power Shampoo and Conditioner.

Expertly formulated with naturally-powered ingredients which are both kind to your hair and our planet, get ready for a hair washing experience like no other.

Not only will your hair and scalp be left feeling nourished, it also promises silky smooth strands, enviable shine and a long-lasting scent of energising spearmint, rosemary and eucalyptus.