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Kate Spade

Since our launch in 1993 with six essential handbags, we’ve always stood for optimistic femininity. Today we’re a global life and style house filled with handbags, of course. also clothes, shoes, jewelry, home décor, tech accessories and so many other things that you use every day.

We value thoughtful details. we think a layer of polished ease looks (and feels) so chic. and to us, modern, sophisticated colors make a personal style statement all their own. It’s these founding principles that define our unique style. we like that our style is synonymous with joy.

Nicola glass joined kate spade new york as creative director in january of 2018, leading all creative aspects of the brand, including women’s accessory and ready-to-wear design, brand imagery and store environments. With her debut collection in spring 2019, nicola ushers in an air of sensuality and polished ease with a refined, eclectic approach to color that honors the brand’s origins and evolves its house codes in conceptual, sophisticated new ways.

Nicola is an 18-year veteran of the fashion and luxury industry in accessories design at michael kors and gucci. she holds a masters in fashion accessories from the royal college of art in london and a bachelor of arts in jewelry design from the edinburgh college of art.

Today, nicola resides in dumbo, brooklyn with her husband and son… and still dreams of becoming a professional surfer.

We thoughtfully integrate our signature mark into all of our designs for a delightful surprise. (sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes you have to look closely.)