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Memories, moments and meaning, are the three words that define what Joma Jewellery is all about!


To celebrate every little moment, delighting you, our customer, with meaningful and personalised jewellery that captures all of your special memories.

We feel that everyone should be able to build a collection of beautiful jewellery, because unlike anything else, jewellery has the magical power to hold and represent life’s biggest, happiest, saddest, and littlest memories. We believe it’s a wonderful thing to be able to share so much delight and happiness, which is why our jewellery has lasting value, quality that you can trust and is always affordable.


Our A Littles family just keeps on growing with a choice of more Sentiments than ever before. Designed for the big and little moments, these Bracelets and Necklaces mark the occasion with their shimmering design and heartfelt message. Plus, free Personalised Packaging for a keepsake that they will treasure forever!


Update your jewellery collection with our sparkling Jewellery For Women. Designed in silver, rose gold and gold plating, these collectible styles are as sweet as they are sentimental. With most styles combining a meaningful poem and a complementing charm, our Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings were made to be gifted!


Thoughtful Sentiment 
‘A Little Means A Lot’ sits at the heart of everything we do, combining sentiment and thoughtfulness to create a jewellery collection that is truly unique to any other!

We believe the perfect gift comes with a personal touch. Whether it’s adding their initials to our bestselling A Littles, creating a Photo Card full of memories, or simply adding their name to our iconic gift bag.

We were the first brand in the UK to pair unique sentiment with a carded jewellery range, which is why we believe we are special and unique - we don’t want to be like everybody else!

Our mission is to spread delight to as many people as we can, worldwide, through our jewellery, whether you’re gifting someone special or are the lucky recipient, we pride ourselves on being able to create the most perfect gifting moment, whatever the celebration!

Designed in silver, rose gold and gold plating, our styles are of great quality, at an even greater price point!


We believe it’s a treat to be able to gift and be gifted, which is why we have various add-ons to make for the most beautiful unboxing experience. To start off with every order comes with our free iconic Silver Bow Gift Bag that you can personalise with the lucky recipient's name and the occasion. To add an extra special touch to their A Little, gift them our Photo Card!