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Welcome to FaceGym.

We’re the OGs in facial fitness and we’re renowned for raising eyebrows but not in the way you might expect… Think you’ve seen it all? You’ve never seen anything like this.

Our bestselling skincare products and award-winning facial workout tools are loved by our FACEGYM community, industry experts, and A-listers on an international scale.

With a focus on boosting collagen, create your own targeted skincare routine for transformational, studio-worthy results at home.

For studio results at home, level up your facial workouts with our award-winning range of advanced tech skincare devices and facial tools. Acne?

Try ourblue light therapy. Want to lift and tone? Opt forEMS face tools. Electricmicroneedling? Tick. Manualmicroneedling? Ours is award-winning. Shop the full collection below. 

The clue is in the name... We built our brand on the benefits of skin fitness and the transformative power of facial toning workouts. One of the best ways to experience the FaceGym effect is at the hands of our expert skin specialists during a studio-based facial workout. 

The face is made up of over 40 muscles and just like we work out our body in the gym, we can train the muscles in our faces too.

At FaceGym, we combine legendary collagen-boosting studio workouts, with award-winning skincare and advanced technology tools to boost your collagen levels and lift, sculpt, tighten and brighten the skin and facial muscles like never before.

Whether you’re working out in the studio or at home, we guarantee to deliver results in real time.

So, what is a FaceGym workout? Our unique methodology uses signature exercise moves like knuckling, pinching, hooks and whipping to train your facial muscles, conditioning and strengthening them to support the skin that sits on top. These techniques, together with our own results-driven skincare and tools help to encourage collagen production, stimulate blood circulation, boost the lymphatic system, release tension and increase cell renewal to improve overall skin and muscle health.

Established in 2014, we’ve already been had over 250,000 faces in our hands around the world. With 13 global studio locations in London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia we’re here to help you workout anytime, anywhere. Our mission is to help you transform your skin and give you ultimate skin confidence. Like a personal face trainer in your pocket, we’ll guide you every step of the way. No one else can do what we do and that’s why we’re confident that whatever your skin goals, we can help you smash them.

Designed to kickstart your skin’s metabolism and train the 40+ forgotten muscles in the face, a FaceGym workout combines our signature moves with cutting-edge tech devices and award-winning skincare to lift, sculpt + brighten your skin like never before.
For best results, consistency is key when it comes to skincare and workouts. With our Auto-Replenishment subscription, you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favourite FACEGYM products again

We’re delighted to offering shipping to UK, EU and many international counties with more soon to come. If you are placing an order with us from the EU, we currently cover all import taxes and customs duties for goods over €150 (£135).

However, we would like to inform you that as a result of the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) being introduced by the European Union on 1st July 2021, we will not be able to cover additional import taxes and duties for any EU orders with a value less than €150 (£135) under Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) terms from our UK warehouse. If the total goods value is less than €150 (£135) we will gladly dispatch your order but, please be advised customers are responsible for covering any duties and taxes incurred before receiving the parcel.