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Everything we do centers around the desire to get the most out of every single day. As a B corp, we aim to leave the biggest impact on how you move through the world with the smallest impact on the world itself.


I’m Olivier and that’s Rick, we’re the founders of Ekster. We met during a Fulbright scholarship in the US with a shared frustration: we were sick of old bifold wallets. We thought, “What would a wallet built for the 21st century look like?”


We make wallets, bags and accessories that save you time, so you can get back to living. Our ecosystem of connected carry goods has already helped over a million people speed up their day.

The beauty and allure of leather is not something new.

It was revered by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and has been ubiquitously used over time as a versatile material as well as an undying sign of status and class. 

Its protective ability made it popular amongst foot soldiers of Ancient Greece and Rome; in medieval ages, it was used for its water resistance and ability to store perishables, but what about today? In an age of plastic and metal, why do we continue to use leather? Perhaps it is the quality of craftsmanship, of uniqueness – there is something beautiful in a handcrafted leather wallet, something inimitable and special.

Like a fine wine, leather only gets better with age. The genuine quality of top-grain leather ensures that each handmade wallet is unique, gaining distinctive marks as the leather ages, meaning premium leather wallets form perfectly to the shape of whatever pocket they are put in over time. Our Parliament wallet for example, is designed to mould perfectly to the pocket of the user within 2 weeks, preventing the flap from opening up and slimming down the overall profile with time. 

Working with the leather used in handmade luxury wallets, however, isn’t always the easiest. It requires strength and precision to transform a hide into top-grain leather, and immense craftsmanship and skill to take that leather and build a luxury men’s leather wallet. It also demands dedication to sustainable practices that ensure the betterment of all those involved in the production.

While many assume that leather making is harmful to the animal kingdom, but this is not necessarily true! Our leather come from ECCO, who are committed to environmental protection and animal welfare. 

All our leather is a by-product of the meat industry and comes from bulls that spent their lives disease-free and well-fed. In the case of our production happy leather really is better leather, since the quality of a cow's life directly impacts the value and smoothness of the leather.