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Our Story

DeMellier was founded with the vision of doing things differently: to design handbags that would make women feel empowered, made ethically and sustainably, while giving back to those who needed most. All our pieces are crafted ethically in Spain or Italy using the finest sustainably sourced materials, and for every piece sold, DeMellier funds vaccines and treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need.

I have always been a perfectionist and never liked no as an answer, even if it has often meant taking the hardest route, so I embarked on a mission to create handbags with no compromises.

They had to be modern and of the highest quality, ethically and sustainably made but also attainable and socially conscious, DeMellier was born.

All our pieces are ethically made in our trusted factories in Italy and Spain using the finest materials sustainably sourced, and for every piece you purchase we fund vaccines and treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need.

Welcome to DeMellier, I hope you like our collections and that you’ll join us on this journey of creating with integrity, empowering women and giving back.

DeMellier symbolises the mix of old and new, of heritage and modernity. 'De' originates from Mireia's grandmother a descendant of knights, lords and marquesses whose family can be traced back more than 500 years to the south of Spain not far from where DeMellier handbags are crafted today. 'Mellier' comes from Mireia's name of French descent, capturing her modern creative spirit.

Each piece of the collection is designed in London with the aim to make women feel special and empowered. Our aim is to design pieces that are modern yet timeless so that they will stand the test of time.

When creating the collections, Mireia and our all-female design team think first and foremost about all the amazing women who will be wearing our pieces.

They design every style to be modern and beautiful, often inspired by our love of art, interior design & architecture, but also practical, so that it will carry comfortably every woman’s treasured essentials and become a loyal companion.

DeMellier also aims to serve as a platform to treasure and champion women.

This effort is pursued in all areas of our business from our 95% female team in Headquarters, to promoting female talent and equality with our partners, as well as our regular features on female role models.

Made ethically and sustainably is one of DeMellier’s core values and we centre our work on three key areas: ethical & sustainable manufacturing, sustainably sourced materials and sustainable operations. Our pledge is to continue to work hard every day to research new materials and practices to ensure we are at the forefront of the ethical and sustainability practices, from extending the life of our products to using as sustainable materials as possible. 

We would also like to extend the pledge to all of you and all of us, to buy less, buy consciously and find out where the pieces are made, under what social conditions and with what materials. With our collective effort on both manufacturing and consumption, we can make a real difference.