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Our Company

Bluemercury was founded to help people discover their uniqueness, shining a light on the things that make them delightfully, wonderfully distinctive. We pioneered a client-first service model that emphasized hyperpersonalized, high-quality beauty interactions.

At Bluemercury, you—the client—are the center of our universe. Your beauty is our reason for being, doing, and inspiring.

As Bluemercury continues to evolve, we remain committed to our original intent to serve people and embrace our new purpose to be the ultimate specialist in the beauty of you.

We believe that beauty is inclusive, not exclusive, and promise to deliver unparalleled experiences that celebrate the power of beauty to uplift, empower, and excite all of us.

We take beauty personally.
At Bluemercury
When Bluemercury began in 1999, our mission was to create a welcoming space where everyone in our community could share in the power of beauty.

 We’re of the mind that labels are for soup cans, not skin serums, and that self-care isn’t gender-specific, but is color-blind. To that end, we’re continually looking to ensure that the culture within our walls feels inclusive to all.

We have clients and colleagues across the country, and the opportunity to help create widespread change in a meaningful way. We’re committed to using our platform as a national retailer to amplify underrepresented voices, both in our local neighborhoods and in the beauty business at large.

We signed the Fifteen Percent Pledge in 2020 to make public our commitment to increasing the number of Black-owned beauty brands we carry and Black-owned businesses we support at Bluemercury. We've since added additional Black-owned brands to our roster, yet we know there's much more we can do. We’re continuing to take steps in pursuit of our goal and use our platform to increase the visibility of Black founders.